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  • A 5G Elite plan with unlimited speed will cost $110 per month for businesses and $100 for homes. Unlimited data is included, as is a one-time fee of $350 for the 5G modem. Speeds may vary depending on coverage and other factors.
  • Opting for your 5G service plan as part of a bundle with additional services will result in additional discounts of up to $10 being applied to the plan.
  • As a launch promotion we are providing an early bird offer for the month of September. Elite plan is available for $100 per month for business and $90 per month for home consumers. The fixed charges of $350 will be waived off as a part of the launch offer. Applications for the early bird concession will be welcomed from 30th of September 2021.
  • Should a month-to-month plan be opted for as opposed to a contract term agreement, once-off set up costs of up to $900 may be chargeable based on location and setup requirements. These charges are complimentarily waived off should a contract agreement be opted for.
  • 5G is to be utilized for data browsing purposes only and no data roaming features can be enabled Furthermore, usage notifications are not available with 5G data plans.
  • This plan does not provide Static IP.
  • The minimum contract term for the offer plan is 36 months. A free trial period of up to 30 days is available for the 5G offer plan to determine feasibility of 5G coverage based on location. Given that provision of 5G is subject to coverage across various different locations, if a determination is made that 5G is unsuitable for your location, you will be required to return the modem at your own expense in good condition to our office premises upon completion of your trial period. In its place, a failover to 4G shall be instated with the best possible speed plan and data limit based on individual location. The terms and contract term for the 4G solution shall be as it was for the 5G. The 5G modem shall be inspected and refurbishing costs may apply if the modem is found to be in poor condition. Furthermore, in the event of non-return of 5G modem, non-return costs of up to $350 will be applicable.
  • If at any time it is observed that 5G is being utilized outside of the location identified during the original SQ check, the agreement may be terminated with immediate effect with full termination fee payable.
  • Contract breaks will result in applicable termination charges in accordance with the agreement after the complimentary trial period.
  • Trikon reserves the right to modify or withdraw from the arrangement in accordance with its standard form of agreement.
  • Prior to relocation, advice is to be provided to Trikon to perform an SQ check to obtain an indication of the availability of 5G at a new address. In the event, that 5G is not serviceable at the new location, an alternative plan on the same terms will be provided to address broadband requirements which is 4G as a failover. Trikon shall provision 4G alternative to best suit requirements and cancel the existing 5G arrangement. Rejection of the 4G provided will result in a cancellation fee being applicable alongside the return of the Trikon 5G modem in good condition.
  • A Consumer Service Guarantee of 50 MBPS speed can be considered as valid. Should there be any fluctuations in terms of minimum expected 5G speed, the technical support team at hand shall consider the best remedy following receipt of relevant speed tests from the exact location as per the original SQ check. If any misdemeanours or suspicion of foul play arises due to change of location among other factors, full contract termination fee remains applicable and valid to be settled.
  • Please refer to the Fair Use Policy document available on our website for further understanding on the rules and responsibilities associated with use of our 5G service.
  • Speed - Maximum: No Limits*
    Normal: 225 Mbps (7pm – 11pm)*
    *Actual speed experienced will depend on a number of different factors.

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5G is the fifth generation of wireless technology that will have a massive impact on how we live, work and play, paving the way for unprecedented innovation that will reshape the world. But not all 5G is the same.

“This allows customers with 5G-enabled devices to the high-frequency millimetre spectrum 5G Ultra Wideband Network where it’s available….”

No, the volumes of data on fixed networks exceed those on mobile by more than 50 times, and while 5G will create a number of options for customers who choose to go wireless, it won’t be for everyone.

Trikon offers the most 5G devices available on any 5G network, along with the latest and most sophisticated 5G smartphones, laptops, tablets and accessories from leading manufacturers such as Samsung, Apple, Motorola and more.

5G enabled devices will transition to a 4G or 3G network when they are outside of 5G service regions.

Trikon's 5G mobile network is now accessible in selected locations around Australia. The 5G network will be gradually implemented throughout the country.

Your service should be operational already, and your Trikon 5G SIM card should be placed into your modem. It's as simple as setting up your new Optus 5G Wireless Modem.

Follow the steps below to get started:

  • Remove the box from your modem.
  • Place your modem close to a power outlet.
  • Connect the gadget to the power source and turn it on.
  • Wait for the 5G signal to appear on the screen.
  • The signal direction lights will show you where you should position your modem for the best signal.
  • Examine the status indicators
    • Your modem is connected if the centre light and/or the 5G light are both on.
    • You must contact us if the centre light is red.
  • Within the first 24 hours, your modem will execute a series of firmware upgrades, so don't be concerned if it resets a few times if the connection is poor.
  • You're ready to connect your devices to WiFi after you're connected (the centre and/or 5G lights are green).

Business nbnTM plan

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01Bundle and save


Call pack and included handset (Desk / Cordless Phone)

Total min cost - $1050 over 36 months, Network no contract, Local / National Call - 20c/call, Hosted licence included, Calls to mobiles - 20c/min, Calls to 1300 - 40c/call and Standard IP Cordless or Desk Phone.


Call pack and included handset (Desk / Cordless Phone)

Total min cost - $1620 over 36 months, Unlimited Local, National and Mobile Calls, Calls to 1300 - 40c/call and Standard IP Cordless or Desk Phone.

02Select your IP handset

Cordless Phone

Grandstream HD Handset for Motility DP-722, Support Range - Up to 300 meters outdoor, Support Range - Up to 1050 meters indoor, Full HD Audio, 1.8 inch Colour Screen, and 3-Way Audio Conference

Desk Phone

Grandstream Deskphone GRP - 2612, Sleek Design, WIFI Support, Colour LCD Display, HD Audio, and 16 Digital Keys.

03Select installation option

Self Installation

Engage your own technician. We provide an installation guide and Pre Configured.

Valet Installation

Trikon technician will visit your premises to get you up and hassle free. (Regional or remote sites and cabling may require additional charges)

04If you need Extra Handsets

Cordless Phone

$20 Per handsets

Desk Phone

$20 Per handsets



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Transfer Consent

You are aware this transfer may affect features attached to your service and any service numbers associated to PSTN and ISDN Line Hunt groups, Prime Numbers and Group Directory Numbers. It may result in early termination and/or porting charges from your current provider, for which you are responsible.

Delivery Address
  • Gowrishankar R
  • 7299928554

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Extra Handsets

Number of Cordless Phone * 3


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