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Each and every business face different problems related to communications, and the question we ask is can a small business office phone system adapt to individual problems? Can it stand at par in terms of quality in comparison to the legacy business phone systems? Let’s take a look at few questions that a small business wants to be answered while looking up for a good business phone system.

Before we do that we need to know what a cloud phone actually is. Simply speaking a small business cloud phone system is pretty much same as the pbx phone systems in terms of functionality we see in most offices. It can do much more then what the good old pbx system does.


Why do you need a cloud phone system when your old pbx is working just fine?

Before just throwing out the thought of a new business phone system, we can think about few important things, one is scalability and the cost associated with it and second is the ownership cost. Yes cloud phone systems are cheaper to own and are capable to scale as required with negligible costs. As technology evolves to next level you need a system that would be capable of changing with emerging technology, business cloud phone systems can do that. As nbn™ rolls out to every part of Australia, all the old copper phone lines will be replaced with digital fiber optics cables, businesses that have opted to have nbn™ ready business phone systems will have no problems migrating to nbn™. Those with older PBX system will either have to rely on mobile data which is very expensive and also loose the phone numbers associated to the business once the nbn™ is completely takes over. So if your business is in Australia you don’t have a choice but to get nbn™ ready business phone system or just be offline.


How will business cloud phone system help my business?

Once you have a business cloud phone system you can reduce or eliminate the cost of having handsets. You can install the software on any laptop or pc with a multimedia capability or you can have the business phone system app on your mobile phone or tablet. You can still opt for handsets if you need. If you have new staff coming in and need more nodes or more connections, you can do that really easily in minutes without even help of IT staff if you follow the instructions right. As the PBX system is software based you can integrate it with other compatible software, for example you can integrate it with an ERP that could be used to manage marketing teams.