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COVID-19: Not a Pandemic for Businesses

At present, COVID-19 has already become a global pandemic, in this situation many small and mid-size businesses have been ruptured from their roots. In the current environment, work from home is the only strategy that seems quite secured but there is a lack of business tools.

Here, we would like to inform you that we are available to back you up. We, as an ICT service provider in Australia, are committed to providing our valued customers and clients with an immense level of service that we are renowned for.

Our highest priorities are team safety and customer service in this rapid-evolving pandemic. Luckily, we are in a condition where these extra precautions can be taken without blocking our ability to serve our customers. Also, we stand together to help others in our community who may require assistance or advice in setting up arrangements for applying working from the home strategy.

Trikon provides solutions and features that can help businesses transition to remote working. Following is the list of work from home solutions that will allow you and your staff to stay connected when working remotely.

COVID-19: Not a Pandemic for Businesses - Trikon

PABX Phone System

For employees that love their desk phone, most of the PABX phone systems support VPN connections. This allows an employee to take a compatible desk phone to home, plug it into their home router and have it work just like it does in the office.

It is quite simple and no employee require any specific training or headsets and all the applications of PABX phone system will be working same.

VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)

For employees who require complete telephone functionality and want to work from their own system (personal computer or laptops) without the need for a physical phone, VOIP feature is a way to go. Simply connect a Bluetooth or USE headset and employees are ready to make and receive business calls.

The VOIP works similarly as desk phones with virtually no loss in functionality as it works through internet protocol. In some cases, the third-party VOIP phone system can also be used with reduced functionality.

COVID-19: Not a Pandemic for Businesses - Trikon

Collaboration Tools

While working from home it is quite necessary that staff feel as connected to their team as if they were in the office. There are multiple tools like Microsoft Teams that are essential to ensure employees can be collaborative, productive and can maintain a sense of togetherness while working remotely.

A virtual meeting within employees and employees can play a crucial role in maintaining a business on track while working from home.

Wireless Broadband

It is quite obvious that you cannot bring the office’s ADSL network system to your home, but for working from home you want to have a home office set up. To tackle this problem, your best option is to get a Trikon Wireless broadband gateway modem that will connect you to Optus 4g Plus mobile networks.

Wireless broadband gateway modems are also a good option for people who live on a short-lease or on rent and do not want a long fixed wired broadband connection but need access to high-speed internet connectivity for business purposes.

Mobile Extension

For the employees and staff who’s only work is to make & take business calls and no other functionality comes in usage, mobile extension connectivity is the answer.

Here, Trikon offers you Trikon Link, a mobile client that can be installed on almost all iPhones and Android phones. Also, it can be installed on laptops or desktops and makes it a perfect work from the home tool for business calls.

Trikon Link will connect to the phone system at your office over the internet and will present you an intuitive, easy-to-use interface with complete access to your smart phone’s contacts for incoming calls and making calls.

Endpoint Protection

To keep the VOIP or any wireless phone system secured, it is necessary to install and configure a VPN or Session Border Controller correctly. It is quite essential as it protects SIP-based Voice Over Internet Protocol networks that maintain the company’s sensitive data from hacking, toll fraud and data abuse.

In some cases, you will also require the use of VPN to route traffic from the employee's laptop or phone to the phone system.

Well, that’s how you can perform perfect work from the home strategy. It’s a message from Trikon to all small and mid-sized businesses in Australia that we are available for you in today’s bad condition of businesses due to COVID-19. Also, explore Trikon budget offers that won’t be forcing your pockets as we understand the crisis that you are facing.

Don’t let your business get failed due to the lack of communication with your customers, contact us and get work from home tools at Trikon today!