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Don’t lose on your Small Business Connectivity. Enhance your pbx phone systems today

Copper network has been around since ages, the first telephone lines went live from Melbourne to south Melbourne connecting the offices of Robinson Brothers in 1879. Over the years the telephone exchanges underwent changes to accommodate increasing number of users. But then copper network will reach their potential soon as more and more businesses use internet as the mode to conduct business. After years of service the copper lines are soon to be replaced with fiber optic cables all across Australia, ushering in a faster and better information network, the nbn™.

Don’t lose on your Small Business Connectivity. Enhance your pbx phone systems today - Trikon

According to ABS (Australian Business Statistics) Australian businesses have become far more digitally connected in the last decade as investment in software and hardware increased by 67%; what does this mean to a small business? It means businesses are now turning to automation of micro processes and have more employees working from remote locations and need to match the habits of their customers.

It all starts with business phone systems for any small businesses to keep up in the competitive global economy. With help of technology like the small business phone system it is possible for small businesses to compete with bigger competitors just by improving small business connectivity. When a customer calls to a business today he expects to be promptly responded to by a representative, as soon as possible. With the help of pbx phone systems like the NEC phone system it is possible to have an automated system that can keep the caller in loop while the phones are busy or on hold with audio clip of a special offer, features of your products or music to keep the customer engaged. It might just be a small thing but it can save an important business deal or a lead slipping to a competitor and this is just one of the features that you can use to enhance small business connectivity.

Don’t lose on your Small Business Connectivity. Enhance your pbx phone systems today - Trikon

There are many options to select from the best small business phone systems in Australia depending on the features that could help reduce or automate menial tasks related to either daily tasks or special marketing needs. Features can be programmed into the pbx phone system software. NEC provides such software called the NEC Q-master , integrated into the best small business phone systems in 2019.

Dedicated Engineers at Trikon can come to your business center provide you with the options that suit your need and your budget and will answer the question you might have regarding the small business phone system. After you select the phone system for installation they will program the pbx and the software that goes with it.

As nbn™ rolls out, all the businesses with copper network phone lines will have to migrate to the nbn™. Make sure your business connectivity remains intact, call TRIKON on 1300 874 566, set and appointment and have them help you make the right decision.