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Future Ready Small Business Phones systems & why you should shift to them

Imagine having offices at different locations, or having your employees working from remote locations but still having a unified small business phone system that still works just like the good old PSTN copper PABX and on top of that it is capable of integrating with business softwares and is cost effective in terms of scalability. That is the future of communication systems for businesses in the future.

Imagine a customer calling you on a busy day, gets a busy tone; most probably you’d have lost the business. Best VOIP business phones like Avaya J series have a feature called Q-Call that allows the call to be circulated till the phone call is received or it could be re-directed to a mobile number or a voice mail to email during off hours. It simply means that you will never miss a call.

Future Ready Small Business Phones systems & why you should shift to them - Trikon

When employees work remotely or travel, in normal circumstances you end up having calling them on their cell phones, with VOIP business phone system in 2019 they can install a calling app on their mobile phones that works exactly like the phones in the office. With Avaya UC platform available with the Avaya J series phones which is one of the best rated small business phone systems you get a systematic, organized and uniform calling system that is easy to setup and is portable, that is what a proper business phone system is.

For such Office business phone systems to work there must be a reliable and fast internet infrastructure. Here in Australia we are looking forward to the nbn™ to work like it is supposed to and the future 5G wireless system that will really be a game changer when it comes to business.

Future Ready Small Business Phones systems & why you should shift to them - Trikon

There is no reason to not be ready considering all the talks around the NBN. Every new technology matures and gets better as time goes by. Sticking to PSTN lines does not make any sense anymore as all the analog lines and systems will be replaced completely by NBN. Getting best business phone system for your business will save money, save time and features that will keep you ahead of your competition.

If you are looking for a best small business phone system in Australia that is tailor made for you that suits your budget , then give us a call on 1300 874 566. In the meantime you may check out a few Avaya
phone systems here.