How can businesses bounce back from the pandemic

How can australian businesses bounce back from the pandemic pandemonium

How can Australian businesses bounce back from the pandemic pandemonium

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating for businesses across Australia. The unprecedented nature of the pandemic has elicited organizations to reinvent themselves to survive and thrive.

In a short period, you might have observed the changing needs of our customers and their dependency on equipment to support remote work. Yes, there are challenges however, there exist greater opportunities which if tapped right will help you to transform your business.

We at Trikon created a roadmap that helped us to overcome the pandemic pandemonium

Focusing on Revival

The pandemic has proved to be complex hence businesses must bounce back and revive. Business revival requires close coordination and communication through strong technology platforms. Course correction should be made immediately to ensure risk mitigation

Creating Collaboration

Working remotely is challenging, particularly for those who are not accustomed to virtual work. Businesses must deploy collaborative tools that will help enhance coordination between teams, customers, and suppliers.

Being Disruption Ready

Covid-19 is not going to be the last health crisis hence, businesses in Australia must be better prepared for the impending pandemic waves and allied market disruptions. Proper processes must be created and potential scenarios must be war-gamed to simulate multiple scenarios by conducting hot tests and cold tests to ensure business continuity. Businesses should honestly analyze their strengths, weaknesses, risks, dependencies, and other mitigation plans that will enable them to tackle similar or severe disruptions.

Streamlining Operations

The Australian market will eventually bounce back once herd immunity is attained through vaccination. The quick fixes which businesses adopted for operational sustenance won’t be enough to win the post-Covid-19 economy. The focus should be reinstated to streamline operations using advanced tools and technologies that are future-ready. Attaining operational efficiency will be one of the major hurdle businesses will have to face at this time. During the recovery phase, businesses must gain momentum and that will be possible by streamlining operations to a six-sigma level.

Embracing Digital Transformation

The brick-and-mortar business model is becoming irrelevant; hence businesses should embrace digital transformation to match the purchasing patterns of the new digital customers. This is the perfect time to induct smart businesses phone systems, high bandwidth internet, and e-commerce equipped websites to woo customers and prospects.

Transforming Customer Support.

Businesses across Australia are struggling to manage the large call volume they are receiving every day. It's chaotic for businesses and frustrating for customers. Businesses were never prepared for such unprecedented scenarios, however, it's not too late. Business customer support should be manned by automated communication systems which can be set up easily using a business phone system. You should be able to customize messages for your customers to ensure that they are informed about the situation and how they can get their queries answered. There are multiple messages on hold services within your business phone system. If your business uses a traditional phone system then it’s time to invest in business phones which are feature-rich and future-ready.

Accepting Automation

Various enabling systems are being deployed to enable businesses to counter the covid-19 crisis. Innovations in telecommunication and AI have enabled businesses to manage well within the confines of this unrelenting crisis. For your business to succeed in the post corona world, you must automate. Intuition and experience should be replaced by data to make smart decisions. Be it your business website or your digital marketing, Manual systems should be replaced with automated systems which will improve your business efficiency and output.

Creating a Robust IT Infrastructure.

If your business is poised to win the post-covid-19 market share then you must discard your legacy technology systems. ‘Upgrade’ is the word, Businesses must consistently review their information technology infrastructure to ensure that they are up to date with the changing times. Legacy phones should be replaced with smart PABX business phone systems, could phone should be inducted into businesses whose employees are offsite or constantly on the move. Enabling smart features like voice mail to email will help your workforce to maintain peak performance. Other cloud-based communication systems will enable businesses to be more agile. Irrespective of your business size, it is an apt time to create a robust IT infrastructure that is ready for the future.

Revisiting Technology Budget.

Most businesses across Australia used to undermine the need for a prosperous technology budget. Those days are gone when technology was seen as a mere cost. Today technology budgets are pivotal to business success. Digital innovation has become indispensable for all businesses irrespective of their size and scale. Businesses should reserve a substantial budget for quarterly technology spend which should include replacement and up-gradation of obsolete or redundant technologies.

Investing in Cyber Security

Cyber-attack cases have risen steadily and many businesses have been sabotaged and crippled. Proprietary information and data like credit card information, medical history, etc. Has been proliferated multiple times. All businesses transitioning onto digital platforms must invest meticulously in enhancing cybersecurity defenses.

Investing in Site Security

Crime rate and property intrusions are common news now. Both businesses and homes should be equipped with world-class surveillance systems that can help monitor and deter theft and other crimes. CCTV systems must become an integral part of your business if you intend to grow in the post covid world. CCTV systems enhance the safety and well-being of your employees and also safeguards your business assets. It will be worth investing in on-site security systems like CCTV’s and other access control systems.

Bundling Business Necessities

Businesses across Australia are focused on reducing costs, especially on energy internet, and telco. The lengthy bills are riddled with hidden charges and conditions which adversely affect the cost budget. Businesses need to opt for consolidation bundles that offer telco, internet, and energy from a single service provider. Cost savings is the prime benefit of bundling which helps businesses that are reeling from the financial turmoil caused by Covid-19.

Covid-19 has changed the way business function, remote work is just the beginning of a hybrid model which all businesses across Australia must embrace. Let’s bounce back…the show must go on….

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