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How can managed printing help my business?

Management of a company's printing environment can go completely out of control. Excessive use of paper, toner and ink usage and frustrating calls to IT services when your printer breaks down. All your employees want to do is print, but a simple task becomes a Herculean one.

In addition to these frustrations, there is the invisible cost of handling and maintaining the printers which cannot be attributed to a single person.

How can managed printing help my business - Trikon

By implementing Managed Print Services, many of the following printing problems can be resolved:

Intelligent Print Management - Manage print volume and create custom printing rules to help you meet your cost reduction goals, meet your internal compliance needs, and drive your initiatives in favour of the environment. With automatic task routing, save paper, limit colour printing to those who really need it, and balance device usage.

Intelligent Rights Management - Create custom orders for device users that meet your security goals and assign specific usage rights to individuals or groups for faxing, copying, and scanning.

Track and manage printing costs – Using this service can give you the per-user expense at the impression level. With Managed Print Services, you can find all of your detailed printing costs on a single invoice, broken down by printer or by cost centre. All printing costs are visible and transparent to the organisation.

How can managed printing help my business - Trikon

Track print devices, and deploy them in the right place – With managed printing, you can analyse the performance and usage of each of the print and scan devices used in your organisation. This will also help you determine if the capabilities of the installed device match the volume and functional requirements of your users.

Reduce IT support and overall management - Reduce the need for IT support participation to support and manage the print environment. With managed printing services you can eliminate the hassle of ordering of supplies and restrict the support calls for printer support.

Job Accounting - Track the use of devices and supplies throughout the organization. Use this data to easily create detailed reports that help you allocate printing costs, motivate employees to print intelligently, and provide IT with the data you need to improve forecasting for all materials.

Improve page control and document security - Prevent unauthorised access to documents and the network by deploying a unique security policy in the fleet. The complete audit trail can be used to document who has accessed and modified all documents.

Secure Shared Printing - Users can print to the network and then retrieve documents on any device embedded in the solution. Shared printing virtually eliminates unclaimed documents and increases the efficiency of mobile employees, who can launch and retrieve their document on the printer of their choice, depending on where they are.

In order to experience the maximum benefits of Managed Print Services, it is important to find the right business partner. A comprehensive GIS assessment and recommendation can help you determine what works best for your business.

Talk to one of our specialists to learn how our proactive approach to Managed Print Services can help businesses control their printing environment and make users more productive.