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How to Shift from ISDN to SIP Lines, its Value & Utilities?

Do you own a law firm with offices across Australia? Are you a small to medium enterprise with offices across Australia? Do you use ISDN lines for your communication system? Then you should know that NBN will start disconnecting services for both ISDN and ISDN2 starting 30th September 2019. It would be wise to act fast and shift to SIP trunk lines. SIP lines are reliable, easily scalable, cheaper and portable and packed with many features that are not available with ISDN lines.

How to Shift from ISDN to SIP Lines, its Value & Utilities? - Trikon

To give a brief introduction SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is a signalling protocol used to control multimedia sessions over the internet for applications of internet telephony for voice and video calls, simply speaking it is used to transmit voice, video and data packets over the internet in a private IP telephone system. ISDN is also a signalling protocol used to send voice, video and data packets but over the old analog copper lines or traditional public switched telephone network in a private IP telephone system.

SIP is a modern equivalent of ISDN line. It triumphs in many ways over traditional ISDN lines especially in terms of costs and maintenance. You don’t have to pay separately for Voice and Data over SIP lines unlike ISDN lines which are quite pricey and you have to pay per call charge. As SIP lines are virtual you do not need any special equipment unlike ISDN that requires ISDN interface. There is no back up for ISDN line, it means that if your ISDN lines have problems your communication system is dead, with SIP lines you can have back up options, in case the hard line is damaged you can switch to wireless 4g/5g back up for uninterrupted services. As SIP is not connected to any location physically an automatic failover can be switched on and all the phones diverted to one of your offices in case of emergency.

How to Shift from ISDN to SIP Lines, its Value & Utilities? - Trikon

In terms of installation cost, maintenance, portability and scalability, SIP is certainly versatile in comparison to the legacy ISDN lines. The only viable solution is to switch to SIP trunk lines, and it would be a wise choice for sure.

If you have any questions about the SIP trunk lines, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1300 TRIKON. Call us and we will get you the most competitive rates available in the market.