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Jump Start Business Communication With Hosted Phone System

The services of a hosted phone system are delivered over VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) that combines real-time communication services i.e., instant messaging, voice conferencing with no real-time communication services like e-mail, SMS, etc. through multiple mediums like personal desktops, mobiles and fixed-line phones. With access to fast internet services, small and mid-sized businesses are increasing their productivity in a budget-friendly way by switching to VOIP from POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service).

Hosted phone system certainly defines the ultra-modern age of communication. At present, when the internet is easy to access throughout the globe, small and mid-sized businesses should opt for unified communication instead of a traditional landline.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of hosted phone system for small and mid-sized businesses planning to digitally transform their communication.

Jump Start Business Communication With Hosted Phone System - Trikon

Cost Efficiency

With the legacy communication system, a usual business keeps parallel infrastructure for plain old telephone system incorporating phone line(s) and data, if compared to Voice Over Internet Protocol that merges all communication platforms together. Businesses using the site-based telephone system, in most cases, are committed to paying separately for fixed rental for data and voice infrastructure.

Since the hosted phone system provides the only one interface, small and mid-sized businesses will never overcapitalise or under capitalise on their investment. Taking advantage of hosted or cloud phone system will save small and mid-sized businesses 30-40 % on their operational cost.

Increases Productivity

Hosted or cloud phone system allows the staff to access information from a remote location with ease. With right VOIP Solution, business calls can be directly received from your desk phones, mobile phones, mobile apps or even personal computers too.

With this feature, any business can provide outstanding work from any location without a massive communication set-up. Hosted/Cloud phone system has not only made small and mid-sized businesses beneficial but more efficient parallelly.

Jump Start Business Communication With Hosted Phone System - Trikon

Minimal Administration

With hosted or a cloud phone system, you can track and control a complete telecommunication system with a single user-friendly screen panel where you can track every individual call-logs as well as can make any changes. This has a direct impact on the cost that you might be paying for an outsourced telecommunication system maintainer to make any programming changes.

Disaster Recovery

Unlike fixed telephones, most hosted/cloud phone system has the automatic fail-over capability. This secures small and mid-sized businesses from losing connectivity in the event where there is a wire-cut or low latency internet issue. Accessing the internet without the loss of networks provides a competitive advantage to the businesses when serving customers.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

With any business, providing better customer experience is quite competitive in the market. The unified communication system allows you to contact your customer even if you are not on your office desk by simply using a mobile extension as Trikon Link. Allowing your customers to contact your staff will out turn in higher customer satisfaction and thus, also indirectly promote your business.

At present, small and mid-sized businesses are competing to increase market share while decreasing their overall cost and hosted phone system enables you to achieve this outcome.

Trikon has been playing a vital role in helping small and mid-sized businesses in deploying and managing the hosted phone system according to their current and future requirements. Our team of experienced experts have been a part of actions with On-Premise and Off-Premise telecommunication system installation. Uplift your business to the next level, contact us today!