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The future is cloud communications

Business communication has changed to a great extent since the time where data and voice used separate infrastructure. Most businesses today take advantage of the cloud based technology that has almost no maintenance or upgrade cost. Businesses small or big can conduct voice and video calls and also run applications that are used by their employees through internet. That is what cloud communications is all about, run a business phone system, applications like office 360 or custom ERP or CRM software online.

The future is cloud communications - Trikon


As we propel towards future, competition is getting stiffer and to compete every business has to take up on every opportunity they can which can cut down installation, operational and maintenance. Cloud based systems do not need expensive equipments to run, any computer system, laptop, phone or tablet capable of running multimedia can run cloud based communication system. You get a uniform communication system that can be installed on the hardware that you already have. To add to it, internet today is available at very competitive rates and is way faster and reliable.


Move your office, it does not matter where you are you can carry all your communication needs with you. All you need is stable internet and you can setup your gear in minutes and stay in action. In a VoIP cloud phone system your phone numbers are no longer physically connected through analog exchange, this allows you to easily move your communication system to a new location.

Easy Installation

Cloud based communication systems are plug and play, for example the moment our customer requests Trikon-link communication system, it can be setup and be up and running in minutes so that your business does not have to wait. At Trikon we believe that we can be the facilitator to your communication needs with speed and ease that you expect.

Be anywhere

With cloud based communication system your teams do not have to be in the same office, in fact they can be anywhere and perform all the tasks that are needed to be done with same ease as they’d do it while sitting on a desk in the office. Even the phones do not need to be diverted as long as they have device that has a VoIP based software like Trikon-link installed.

The future is cloud communications - Trikon

Security and privacy

With advent of cloud communication being on the internet, the threat to security and privacy becomes a paramount concern. With implementation of strong authentication system and privacy policy, the cloud computing system becomes as secure as it could be. Strong firewalls and regular audits can give you peace of mind in terms of security.

The bottom line is cloud communication system is the future of business communication. Connect with your teams, partners, prospects and customers from anywhere with seamless uniform software system that enhances the capabilities of your team without being tied down by legacy systems of the past.