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1.What is 5G?

It’s a new tech for your phones that will blow you away with speeds that exceed anything that the current technology offers, that’s what they claim but we wait in anticipation as it slowly gets rolled out everywhere around the world including Australia. The most important thing you need to know is that you’d need a new handset to use the 5G, like the Samsung galaxy s10 5G, Oppo Reno 5G, OnePlus 7 Pro 5G, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G and the LG V50 ThinQ 5G.

2.What are the benefits to us?

5G can support up to a million devices per square kilometer that is 10 times more than what the current 4G network can support. This means better connection, less congestion. This applies to the people in the big cities where network gets real slow real fast when too many people are connected. To the remote areas it might not help much, depending how your network carrier’s infrastructure is installed, you’d get an internet connection on steroids or it may trickle down to 3g speeds. So, if you are a city dweller then you are going to love it, but remote places might not have many benefits, mostly your luck depends on how far the towers are installed from your location.

3.How fast is it?

Speeds are expected to exceed 1Gbps, which most certainly is amazing. Faster speed, low latency (almost no lag) means you can take the benefits of cloud computing to the max. Have your ERP online or your business phone system on the cloud, making it easy for you to move around and run multiple offices simultaneously with uniformity. It will make task sharing among the employees easy and fast, in turn your customers will have consistent and better services and of course you get to watch your online streams at ultrahigh quality.

4.What about reliability and latency?

With 5G you will experience latency time decreased to half that is the time it takes data to travel from your phone to the server and back. Well, for normal people it might just mean there would be almost no lag in the video calls, phone calls and streaming media. For the specialised applications it would really change how things are done, applications related to reality augmentation like remote robotic surgery, or any technology that requires to be operated from a remote base will benefit significantly from this technology.

The initial radio frequencies that will be used for 5G in Australia belong to the FR1(Frequency range one) that is below 6GHz (in Australia it is 3.5GHz and 3.6GHz). In future years radio frequencies in the mmWave band that will be the FR2(Frequency range two) at 26-28GHz are expected to be used for 5G in Australia. Mind you that mmWaves will make 5G speeds really fast but they require a lot more infrastructure and they are very weak so they need lot more repeaters and require clear line of sight to work.

5.What about radiation?

Most of the news spreading about the effects of 5G tower radiation killing the environment could be a concern but there are no studies to show that it is true, the truth is that the radiation levels emitted by the 5G tower are quite low and safe.

The radiation emitted by 5G towers is regulated by The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA).

Here are some links to studies from WHO’s IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) and (ARPANSA) that are related to radiation emitted by mobile phones.


The verdict, 5G looks promising but how it is implemented remains a mystery till it is rolled out, yes it will be faster than nbn™, but it will not be replacing it anytime soon, as it would be quite expensive to the customers and require a lot more infrastructure investment which will take some time to implement.

If you have any questions regarding 5G or nbn™ do not hesitate to contact us at Trikon Telecommunications on 1300 Trikon (874566). To get your phone systems checked whether they are nbn™ ready, or if you would like us to offer you a better deal on your current telecom bills, book an appointment! We will deliver.


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