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Do you need surveillance for your business?

The constant technological change that is imposed on firms by both internal and external forces means that staying ahead is difficult. To add to the burden, as Australia's worksapce becomes more mobile, this development has generated an extraordinary dependency on communication that perform well all of the time.

Before your installation appointment, you will need to consider where you want your HD Digital Video Recorder (HD DVR) installed inside your house. Trikon sells top-quality HD DVRs, and proper installation is key to ensuring the best performance from your system.

Use this checklist to pick the best location:
  • Reasonably close to a power point: Ensure the HD DVR can be easily connected to a power source without the need for extensive cabling.
  • A cool, dry, ventilated area: HD DVRs cannot be installed in damp areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, or laundry rooms. To prevent exposure to moisture, avoid placing the unit under an open window.
  • Away from busy areas: Install the HD DVR where it is unlikely to be knocked or damaged by daily activities.
  • Somewhere easy for you to see and check the indicator lights: Placement should allow you to conveniently monitor the device's status lights.
  • In the same building as the main electric meter box or distribution board: To ensure optimal connectivity and performance, avoid installing the HD DVR in detached garages or outhouses.

While the Trikon technician will try to accommodate your choice of location, some environmental factors, such as complex walls, distance to power sources, and proximity to the exterior utility box, may prevent installation in your preferred location.

If your first choice is not viable, try to choose an alternative location and discuss the options with your allocated installer.

We specialise in providing top-of-the-line HD cameras designed to capture every detail with stunning clarity. Our advanced technology ensures exceptional image quality, perfect for professional and personal use. Whether you need surveillance solutions for enhanced security or high-definition cameras to capture precious moments, Trikon has you covered. Our products are reliable, easy to install, and come with comprehensive support. Discover the difference with Trikon's HD cameras and experience unparalleled performance. Shop now and elevate your visual experience!

What is IP CCTV?

IP CCTV (internet protocol closed circuit television),is a combination of advanced security monitoring
system of IP cameras and secure video servers which connects seamlessly with the internet.


CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) is the monitoring and recording of people, processes or property through the use of a camera and other related electronic security systems.

  • Helps businesses to reduce risk of theft and confidential expertise proliferation.
  • Increase customer and employee safety through constant monitoring and pattern tracking.
  • End-to-End access 24/7 for the entire business.
  • Reduce security workforce expenditure for manning critical areas.

Trikon Offers a wide array of CCTV camera types like Board CCTV cameras, Fixed Dome cameras, Bullet CCTV cameras, PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) cameras, Fixed CCTV cameras, Zoom cameras, High Speed Dome cameras and IP Network Cameras.

DVR (Digital Video Recorder) processes video images into digital which allows long duration recording with enhanced video clarity and high resolution. DVR has the real time image broadcast and remote-control function over the Internet. It is assessed as the most suitable video monitoring system for any business that is network integrated.

IP CCTV (Internet Protocol Closed Circuit Television), is a combination of advanced security monitoring system of IP Cameras and secure video servers which connects seamlessly with the Internet.

  • Prevailing network set-up can be utilized and there is no need for vast and costly cables.
  • Easy to place and replace as the device itself is compact and user friendly.
  • Irrespective of the distance IP security cameras can be mounted at any location.
  • Concurrent monitoring is possible with IP CCTV as it can be easily integrated on manifold security stages.
  • With a basic computer or server, recording can be initiated at the click of a button.
  • Audio or alarms can be integrated to the same encoders which communicate the video.

Depending on the type of DVR System that you will be using you might require a Static IP Address internet connection.

Yes, all of our systems are internet capable and can transmit high quality videos and images.

If you are inclined to defend your business, home or any other private assets then CCTV is a must have technology. With Cost-effective and easy to use CCTV Cameras makes a great deterrent for would be burglars or anti-social elements.

If employee safety and wellbeing is a paramount priority for your business then CCTV Systems will help you to mitigate the unforeseen risks.

Most of our cameras are apt for regular situations. We always endorse fixed lens cameras as a benchmark as you do not need to adjust the zoom and focus of these devices.

If you are inclined to regulate the zoom and focus of the CCTV camera, we recommend the auto focus camera as you can even alter the zoom and focus functions from your mobile phone.

With our custom-built mobile and desktop applications, you can connect to any of the installed CCTV systems provided there is a strong network connection.

With Proper access and connectivity, we do not recommend not more than 10 users to simultaneously monitor the same site. Such an upper limit is set to avoid network congestion.

The CCTV will automatically power up post a power outage. If power outages are frequent in your location, we recommend using an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

Not Sure? Deploy Trikon’s video surveillance systems to
defend your business and home.

We are excited to learn more about your requirements. For any questions or to schedule your free consultation, please fill out the below form and our team will get in touch with you right away.


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Call pack and included handset (Desk / Cordless Phone)

Total min cost - $1050 over 36 months, Network no contract, Local / National Call - 20c/call, Hosted licence included, Calls to mobiles - 20c/min, Calls to 1300 - 40c/call and Standard IP Cordless or Desk Phone.


Call pack and included handset (Desk / Cordless Phone)

Total min cost - $1620 over 36 months, Unlimited Local, National and Mobile Calls, Calls to 1300 - 40c/call and Standard IP Cordless or Desk Phone.

02Select your IP handset

Cordless Phone

Grandstream HD Handset for Motility DP-722, Support Range - Up to 300 meters outdoor, Support Range - Up to 1050 meters indoor, Full HD Audio, 1.8 inch Colour Screen, and 3-Way Audio Conference

Desk Phone

Grandstream Deskphone GRP - 2612, Sleek Design, WIFI Support, Colour LCD Display, HD Audio, and 16 Digital Keys.

03Select installation option

Self Installation

Engage your own technician. We provide an installation guide and Pre Configured.

Valet Installation

Trikon technician will visit your premises to get you up and hassle free. (Regional or remote sites and cabling may require additional charges)

04If you need Extra Handsets

Cordless Phone

$20 Per handsets

Desk Phone

$20 Per handsets



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