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Fiber Internet

If your business employs resources who are frequently depending on cloud-based platforms and services then you must integrate fiber Internet into your business. With the advent of cloud computing services and integrated technologies like SaaS, the way businesses function has changed drastically.

The necessity of instant data transfer united with high bandwidth will be critical for businesses to thrive in this digital age. The Internet speed will directly influence the effectiveness and throughput of a business which is heavily dependent on cloud based technologies.

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  • Do I need fiber internet for my business?

    If your business employs more than 10 resources who are constantly relying on cloud-based services like dropbox, google drive and other cloud communications technologies then you must incorporate fiber internet into your business. with the advent of cloud computing services and integrated technologies like SaaS, PaaS and LaaS, the way businesses function has changed drastically. the requirement of instant data transfer combined with high bandwidth will be pivotal for businesses in this digital age to succeed as it directly impacts efficiency and productivity.

    Fiber internet assures superior connection speeds for numerous users and due to its popularity across Australia fiber internet is priced economically.

  • What are the benefits of fiber?

    Swifter cloud accessibility:

    Fiber internet brings faster cloud access for businesses ranging from complex CRM’s to cloud storage systems

    Up time guarantee:

    Fiber internet assures steady up time supported by a firm SLA. due to the efficiency of fiber internet there are less chances for any downtime or outages.

    Speed symmetry:

    The upload and download speeds are faster and reliable as fiber internet offers speed symmetry of up and down speeds.

    Limitless data:

    Business needs vary daily and fiber internet fulfils the hyper fluctuating bandwidth demand. fiber provides unlimited internet without any maximum data cap.

    Lower latency:

    Latency is one major challenge which businesses face and fiber internet reduces the latency level enabling faster packet transfers over the network.

    Enhanced reliability:

    Stability and reliability are essential offerings of fiber internet as it consistently provides supreme connectivity without any downtime.

  • What makes fiber internet the right fit for my business?

    Businesses can get hurt vastly with choppy video conference calls, slow data storage system and can lower employee morale which will result in frustration, low productivity and burnout. strong internet connectivity plays a pivotal role in efficient business operations. with the availability of multiple service providers, selecting the right fiber internet for your business is crucial.

    Fast and reliable internet is no longer a luxury but a necessity as employees are completely reliant on faster and stable internet. if the internet is swift and efficient then there is a positive business impact on the productivity and customer experience.

  • Is fiber internet expensive?

    Fiber internet connections are characteristically more expensive, for numerous reasons. however, we’ve been working across Australia to make fiber internet more accessible and affordable. if you are still deciding the type of connection, Trikon’s fiber internet may be more affordable than you think as our plans are custom built for businesses. moreover, price is dynamic conditional on speed necessities. with enhanced business productivity, superior customer satisfaction, and reinforced data security Trikon’s fiber internet is cost-effective and can make your business achieve quantum value leap.

  • Why choose trikon’s fiber internet?

    Stability and reliability

    For most businesses, stability is the foremost aspect while choosing the type of internet service. By design, Trikon’s fiber internet is a steadfast system, which is far less likely to be affected by service disruptions. the reliable nature of Trikon’s fiber internet makes us an attractive choice for businesses across Australia.

    Bandwidth considerations

    Choosing the right bandwidth can have a direct impact on your business operations during critical times. businesses rely heavily on video conferences, online presentations, IP based phone system or hosted IP PBX, data sharing, and other cloud applications which require high upload and download speeds. basic internet connections are shared and congested resulting in intermittent connectivity issues however, Trikon’s fiber connection provides exclusive high-speed internet for businesses across Australia.

    Cloud access

    Cloud computing is the new normal for business which are focused on agility and growth. cloud storage is integral for transferring data heavy files and any postponements while accessing or uploading data to cloud can be challenging. particularly for businesses that work with customers or potential clients in real time. Trikon’s fiber internet is cloud friendly and provides high speed and unlimited internet for businesses.

    Security aspects

    In this cyber era, security breaches and data proliferation are becoming a frequent issue and many businesses across Australia are planning to reinforce their networks. ranging from confidential client information proliferation to innovative intellectual property theft are quite prevalent nowadays.

    Trikon’s fiber internet service makes it nearly impossible to infiltrate the network and for that reason, businesses aiming for high speed and fortification of data stored on cloud, can find a great solution in Trikon’s fiber internet plans.


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