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TRIKON offers innovative Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) to meet all your required business needs!

Automate business processes and track data from the plant floor to the top floor for unmatched visibility, quality and control.


Business Phone System

Future Proof Your Business with best in class multi-tenant TRIKON PABX Phone System & Cloud Phone System.

  • PABX Phone Systems

    Simplify your business communication with Trikon’s PBX phone system. Choose from wide variety of phone vendors with flexible and attractive price range.

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  • Cloud Phone Systems

    Phones built for smart SMB solutions that align with the demand for new converged infrastructures. It provides a unified solution of choice for small businesses who don’t want to be left behind.

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A versatile made in Australia cloud based business phone software that can be installed on your desktop, laptop, iPhone, android phone and instantly turn your office phone into portable and flexible communication system.

Combining business phone system features in a user-friendly interface, Trikon-link is the digital revolution of VoIP that businesses in Australia expect.All the best features of a business phone systems packed in a user friendly interface, Trikon-link is what will help you propel your business to future with advanced cloud based VoIP phone system software.

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Built around the pillars of Smart Manufacturing, Plex Connects, Automates, Tracks, and Analyzes your operations.









Micro Business Phone System

connect Connect your people, suppliers, and customers to a single source of truth

connect Automate workflows and create a digital paper trail for reference and continuous improvement

connect Track all physical and digital transactions for greater accuracy and traceability

connect Analyze real-time trends over time and uncover rich, contextual insights

Small Business Phone System

connect Connect to operations with a platform designed to support the speed, volume, and complexity of manufacturing transactions

connect Automate production transactions and manual tasks to ensure greater accuracy and free up workers’ time for higher-value activities

Track materials effectively throughout the entire journey, from receipt to shipment – including WIP – to deliver a real-time, granular view of the business

connect Analyze data collected at each manufacturing moment in the context of your enterprise-wide goals and metrics

Medium Business Phone System

connect Connect shop floor performance data to maximize production and operational visibility

connect Automate alerts sent to personnel who can effectively react to behavioral data that’s outside of the norm

connect Track equipment performance trends over time to predict downtime for proactive planning

connect Analyze trends and compare operational data against other KPIs to discover new opportunities for improvement

Cloud Business Phone System

connect Connect your business and remove data silos with cloud-based planning to unite people, processes, and supply chains.

connect Automate and remove the guesswork from planning with system-calculated recommendations for order requirements, safety stock, and lead times.

connect Track data, material usage, and related financial transactions to optimize your supply chain.

connect Analyze and evaluate what matters most to drive informed inventory decision-making.

  • Business nbn™

    Affordable Business nbn plans and bundles tailor-made for your requirements.

    • National Broadband Network (nbn™) has opened doors to next generation internet and phone services that are faster, affordable and more reliable. nbn™ offers better telecom infrastructure across Australia to meet the growing demand of internet.
    • nbn™ affects the way you run your business and Trikon telecommunications is one of the biggest resellers of nbn™. Book an appointment to check if you are NBN ready with your current hardware.
    • Check out our plans below or call us to get best deals on nbn™.
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  • SIP Lines

    SIP trunk lines for quality business communications at attractive price range.

    • To be competitive in the market you need a unified communication system that can adjust to your needs. Change the way you do business with a high quality video and phone calls with an array of features at affordable rates. Get the best out of your existing PBX with the power of SIP trunk lines.
    • Check out a few of our plans below and contact us for any queries you have. Dedicated Engineers at Trikon can come to your business centre and provide you with the options that suit your need and your budget and will answer the question you might have regarding the SIP trunk lines.
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