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Cloud Phone System

A hosted phone system is a phone setup that functions via internet connection. The hosted phones are equipped with all vital features like voicemail to email, auto attendants, video conferencing etc. From an organization perspective, hosted phones are the most sophisticated yet modest PBX platform to manage.

The hosted phone system or virtual Private Branch Exchange (PBX) provides you all the advantages of a traditional office phone system short of its affluent hardware price.

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Cloud Phone Features Here are few incredible features to strengthen and streamline your business communication.


  • What is Trikon phone?

    Trikon phone is our cloud-based business phone system. It combines our hosted phone system with fully featured IP handsets that arrive to you in pre-arranged plug and play mode.

    Trikon phone puts you at the helm of your business communications by uniting superior business telephony features, modern IP handsets and desktop or mobile apps, so that you can access your services while on the move.

  • What are the benefits of Trikon phone?

    Modest monthly plans

    With Trikon phone you just need to pay based on the number of handsets you need. Our plans include standard calls to local, national and mobile numbers across Australia.

    No hefty equipment costs

    Your Trikon Phone service works over the internet, so you get the capabilities of a professional phone system, without the hefty upfront cost of purchasing high-cost PBX hardware. With a High-Speed internet connection, you can go live with our all-inclusive monthly plan which covers your phone rental as well.

    Features of phone system

    Trikon Phone brings in business class phone system features for a fraction of the price. With these spectacular features You can now transfer calls, put calls on hold, set up voicemail to email or even have custom music on hold. You can also set up phone menu systems to redirect calls to the right individuals in your firm and configure hunt groups to divert inbound calls to multiple phones around your business.

    Intelligent call management

    With intelligent features to help you coordinate your calls, there are less chances of you missing an important business call. Use your business phone on your mobile and gain the freedom to choose how you want your calls to be diverted or redirected and customize your call settings from anywhere with Trikon Phones.

    Plug and play set up

    Simply plug and Play – Connect your phones to your Internet and you’re ready to make calls. It is that simple and Easy to set up and update user features on Trikon’s cloud phone systems.

    Swiftly scalable, easily portable and feature flexible

    As your business swiftly scales up, your Trikon Phone solution can easily be upgraded to accommodate more users. And if your business happens to relocate then you just have to plug your Trikon phones into an active internet connection at your new business location and your phone system will immediately go live. You can also maintain your local and 13, 1300 and 1800 numbers when you shift to the new Location.

    No-Contract choice

    We understand and value choices and flexibility in business hence we have come up with a No contract option in return for a supplementary upfront fee.

  • What is included with Trikon phone?

    Trikon phone is your comprehensive business phone system. Once you select your monthly plan, the following will be included:

    • A wholly featured Trikon IP handset per plan
    • A whole set of enterprise phone system features per plan
    • Unlimited local calls
    • Unlimited national calls
    • Unlimited calls to mobiles in Australia
    • No flag falls
    • Free calls between all office phones and mobile phones on the same Trikon account.
    • A free hunt group, which directs your inbound calls to multiple handsets and can be configured in Trikon command centre.
    • A free auto receptionist, which enables you to play a personalised message and lets your customers select from a menu option.
    • The Trikon command centre will equip you to manage your service as a user or administrator.
    • Access to the desktop Trikon app for mac or pc, will let you manage settings or make calls from your computer.
    • Plus more

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