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Managed Print Solutions

Our colour multifunction printers offer exceptional productivity and performance without the hassle of maintaining them. we will take care of all your printing and document management needs. increase productivity speed, minimise security breaches and reduce compliance costs with our managed printing solutions.

We offer a wide range of OKI monochrome printers – ranging from small desktop models to fully-featured high-speed workgroup units.

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Features of Business Printers


If your business requires frequent document printing provisions then ordering toners and cartridges can become a crude affair. Trikon’s managed printing service is apt for businesses as we have the ability to monitor the printers toner and cartridge depletion levels remotely and pre-emptively refill them to ensure business continuity and sustained productivity without any downtime.

Managed printing services is an arrangement offered by Trikon where we manage all facets of your business printing needs

Printing is an indispensable function in most businesses and the approaches differ depending on the business sector. when you choose a printer for your business, it directly impacts your cost, productivity, workflow and effectiveness which in turn effects your ROI favourably or adversely.

Selecting a print solution that matches your organization’s requirements and workers effort requirements is quite significant, not only from an efficiency perspective, but also for the long-term business growth.

Approximately 90% of businesses do not track print expenses

Printing expenses consume 5-15% of the overall business revenue

Technology team devotes 15% of its time on printing problems

Trikon’s managed printing services can decrease operating costs by 20-30%

The technology team of your business can analyse the printing needs however as a seasoned managed print service provider Trikon can analyse the entire fleet of printers and suggest you the most optimal devices for printing needs including scanning, printing, copying and faxing according to the business needs and budget.

Businesses are always mobile and printers too have adapted to this change. those days are gone where you had to be near the printer to get a printout. with latest cloud printing and mobile printing technologies you can now print remotely the only prerequisite is that your mobile or computer and the printer should be connected to the internet. with Trikon’s Best in class printers, you can now print remotely and process important paperwork’s while on the move.

Local printers are archetypally ineffective and overprized. most local printers are not capable of getting connected to the business technology network. local printers are cartridge heavy hence it requires constant supply which makes local printers an expensive ordeal.

Most businesses place their printers in areas where it is less accessible and congested. rearrangement of the printer should be based on multiple factors which will influence the workflow positively. the printer should be kept at a place which is easily accessible to all the employees of the business. the printer should also be ergonomically placed at a safe height.

Trikon’s managed printing services only uses OKI printers which are environmentally sustainable and optimized to complement the ‘go green’ business initiatives and other broader strategic goals.

With Trikon’s managed printing services your business can now regulate cost associated to employees, procedures and technologies throughout the document lifecycle and can bring steady, long-term cost savings.

We hope that every business across Australia grows exponentially. once you sign up with Trikon’s managed printing services, our team will be interacting with you periodically to analyse your business needs and probabilities of scalability. we anticipate and prepare in advance for possible scalabilities to ensure that the printers are deployed immediately to suffice the growing business needs.

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