Trikon’s philosophy of philanthropy


Corporate Social Responsibility does not have any unanimously accepted definition, the fundamentals are designed around the belief that corporates have a sense of obligation towards society and the people from whom they garner their success. At Trikon we believe in philanthropy and the positive impact it can create on our local community.

Since Trikon’s inception in 2007, we have been avidly involved in multiple CSR initiatives and as the company gradually grew, our philanthropic contributions got bigger. Each year Trikon, friends, and families choose a community foundation that requires urgent financial assistance. Last year we donated $3145 to ‘Kids with Cancer Foundation’, whose vision is to assist doctors, nurses, researchers, families, support groups, and hospitals involved in caring for kids of all ages.

In early 2020, massive bushfires engulfed our country and impacted multiple states and communities. Countless homes and businesses were destroyed and our communities needed immediate assistance. Trikon, friends, and families started a donation drive and contributed significantly towards our community’s revival.

While our nation was reeling back from the bushfire catastrophe, the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world without any warning. Communities were deeply impacted by the intermittent lockdowns imposed across Australia to tame the pandemic. We pooled in our resources and contributed copiously towards our government's COVID-19 Relief and Recovery Fund.



While Australia was recovering from the pandemic, India was fighting the second wave of COVID-19 which was more lethal and overwhelming. The world was coming together to help India and we at Trikon felt the need to go beyond borders and to do our part in helping India fight the pandemic.

Trikon Donates $11,500 To Help India Fight Covid-19

The Covid-19 second wave has brutally impacted India and as a responsible business, we are been deeply saddened by the ongoing situation in India, a nation with which we Australians share a strong bond and alliance.

Trikon has made an initial donation of more than $11,500 which was disbursed to cover 3 months of basic expenses for 39 families in India who were in dire need of financial assistance. Trikon will continue to provide Covid-19 relief and will tirelessly try to ease the suffering of families caught in the eye of the pandemic storm.


Emotional and mental health are critical because they influence our thoughts, behaviors, and emotions, which are necessary components of our existence. Emotional well-being has been shown to increase productivity and effectiveness in a variety of activities, including work, education, and caregiving. It enables us to adapt to life changes and deal with adversity, which is critical for the quality of our relationships.

Headspace is an Australian foundation focused on enhancing the mental health of youth. They support young people with mental, physical, and other medical needs to help them reclaim their lives.

Trikon donates $7,053 to the "Headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation"

At Trikon, we understand the importance of maintaining and improving mental health as it is a key component of the overall health and wellbeing of our Australian youth.

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