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Benefits of Cloud-Based Communications in eCommerce Business

5G is not just another 'G' - Trikon
6 Ways That E-commerce Business Benefits from Cloud Phone System

The online sector is being led by E-commerce, and there are a lot of potential customers, which is boosting and promoting the industry's size.

Every sector, even call centres, has benefited significantly from E-commerce and acquiring potential clients while retaining existing ones.

But adopting cloud phone solutions for E-commerce business appears to boost growth in sales and offer effective communication, particularly in call centres with suppliers, customers, and the sales & support staff.

After all, improved communication is necessary for a successful business.

Introducing cloud phones for your company's support & sales in E-commerce. You can make calls via the internet using a cloud-based phone system, which is a Voice over IP (VoIP) device.

A cloud phone offers benefits including simple business growth potential, improved management tools, and more tools for better customer service.

To learn the benefits of employing a cloud phone system for your E-commerce business, read the article through to the end.

5G is not just another 'G' - Trikon

Define E-commerce Sales & Support!

E-commerce, often known as electronic commerce, is the practice of exchanging goods and services, money, or data over an electronic network, such as the internet.

The E-commerce platform has established itself as the leader in ongoing expansion in online retail over the past few years. E-commerce accounted for 8% of all retail sales in 2010 and 30% of all retail sales in 2022.

As E-commerce expands, several business transactions are made, including those that are Business-to-Business (B2B), Business-to-Consumer (B2C), Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C), or Consumer-to-Business (C2B), which frequently used interchangeably and have a positive impact on business.

The year 2022's existing circumstance makes E-commerce significantly simpler. It enables users to maintain connections to their preferred services, such as cloud phones for E-commerce sales and support, and it frees up cloud-phone companies to provide the best possible sales and support.

Why Cloud Communication is Beneficial for E-commerce?

At present, cloud phone systems have become a necessity for E-commerce businesses. Your company has the chance to expand with E-commerce and standing out from the competition may be done in large part by providing excellent customer service.

Calls live chats, and emails may all be handled by a cloud PBX, which improves the customer experience and can help your E-commerce sales and support remain competitive.

Depending on your company's needs, there are many different methods to employ cloud phones for online shopping. It is adaptable, customizable, and suitable for any type of business.

Here are some suggestions for improving your company's sales and customer support:

  • • Leverage dial-up connections from clients' phones to the cloud for your E-commerce store.
  • • To ensure that no calls are missed or dropped, cloud phones typically use interactive voice response (IVR), which means that a perfect result is what you are aiming for.
  • • Following that, calls are routed to that extension, typically to the sales or support staff. As a result, clients receive satisfactory responses promptly.
  • • Agents in sales or customer service may then utilize some extra cloud phone solutions, such as call recording for later analysis, updating or interacting with CRM software, etc. Can be employed for industrial sessions or used in the future.

Benefits of cloud-based phone system for E-commerce

The first thing for any business in the 21st century is E-commerce. In addition to the ease of access, it offers flexibility, company continuity, and greater service opportunities.

You can anticipate the following major benefits of cloud-based phone systems for E-commerce business:

Quick and Easy Setup

It is increasingly customary to wait for the service provider to install a landline for a business. Instead, a company can quickly set up a multi-line cloud phone system.

Almost no hardware and internet are required to set up cloud phones. When compared to traditional landlines, it helps E-commerce businesses save a ton of time and money.


Whenever there is an internet connection, you can use cloud telephony to have a fully functional phone system. You don't even need to be on the office property to make the calls or send the messages—you can do it from a laptop or a mobile device.

It would enable a salesperson and their support staff to work remotely or wherever they are most comfortable without being constrained by time limitations. It will make it possible for the business to serve customers almost anywhere in the world.

Flexibility (Scalable)

One advantage of cloud phone services is the quick change in subscription plans that allow businesses to scale up more quickly. Call extensions can be activated if there is a lot of call traffic and deactivated when there is less call traffic.

Due to the enormous volume of purchases throughout the festival and holiday seasons, this ability is handy.

Better Service Opportunity

Better customer service is made possible by cloud telephony, which ultimately helps businesses attract new clients and keep their existing ones.

For excellent customer service, cloud phones offer services like call forwarding, auto-attendant, call routing, call analytics, call queuing, voicemail drop, etc.

Integration with CRM

Integration of cloud telephony and CRM greatly facilitates real-time customer management. It guarantees greater employee productivity and improved customer service.

Since the employee may already be aware of their expectations, they can be handled more quickly when the client is already in the CRM database. Then, updating customer data can be done more quickly the following time.

Integration between cloud phones and CRM enables streamlined workflow because a salesperson or support team won't need to switch between several tools.

Saves you Money

A conventional phone system is extremely expensive to install and more difficult to scale your organization with.

Cloud phones have a monthly service fee that is significantly less than the PBX platform. In the end, cloud telephony solutions contribute to the overall profitability of the online retail industry.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Going cloud is incredibly environmentally beneficial, especially in light of the recent decade's serious climate change challenges.

Cloud phone systems offer a higher utilization rate and consume less electricity, both of which have a positive influence on the environment.

Features of Cloud-phone System for E-commerce Sales & Support

A key factor in converting your client and becoming the industry leader for you and your team is effective business phone communication. Make sure a cloud phone subscription you buy includes all the capabilities a cloud phone has to offer to enhance the user experience.

Some of the characteristics of online shopping with your sales and support are:

Call Forwarding

The call is moved to a secondary phone number without physically dialling another one if there is no answer at the original number.

Call Routing

Call routing enables you to configure some protocols and direct incoming calls to a particular person or agent.

Call Screening

It allows sales representatives to recognize inbound callers and decide how best to handle each contact individually. Calls from spam and other telemarketers can be blocked. Additionally, certain calls can be passed on to another agent and some might go straight to voicemail.

Local Presence

Your business will appear more reputable and professional if you establish yourself as a local business and obtain a local phone number. Additionally, if the phone number is local to the lead, they are more likely to respond.

CRM Integration

CRM integration will make it easier for agents to stay in one app and eliminate the time-consuming process of hopping between the CRM platform and cloud phone apps. It will contribute to the company's maximum productivity.


Your customer can connect to the relevant department via IVR (Interactive Voice Response) without ever interacting with a live representative. It assists clients in connecting with the right department and rapidly answers questions.

Wrapping Up

With all of these advantages of using cloud phone systems for E-commerce sales and support, each cloud phone offers something unique for the smooth operation of your business.

Trikon assists in future-proofing your brand as technology advances for the better. It combines your chat, email, and social media in one spot to ensure your efficiency and effectiveness.

If your E-commerce business is likely to grow rapidly, a cloud phone system is a good alternative for successful scaling, saving you time and money.

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